The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) is a Statutory Corporation established under the Energy Regulatory Act No. 20 of 2004 to regulate the activities of the energy industry.

This Service Charter is designed to inform our customers and stakeholders of the services MERA delivers, the minimum service standards we have set to attain and the accountability framework we have instituted to guarantee excellent service delivery.

It is important to keep the service standards up-to-date.  The updates will be informed by a responsive and robust monitoring and evaluation mechanism.

MERA will be held accountable for the standards it has set. Therefore, both the service providers and users should ensure that the delivery of MERA’s services is inspired by this charter.  This Charter also outlines a feedback mechanism on services we provide to influence appropriate policy and administrative actions for further improvement of service provision. 



This Service Charter epitomises our will, disposition and commitment to serve our customers.




2.1   Vision

 Our vision is be “World Class Energy Regulator”.

2.2   Mission

Our mission is to “Regulate the energy sector for sustainable    socio-economic development of the nation and the region”.

2.3   Our Core Values

In the delivery of services to our customers we shall be guided by the following Core values;

  • Transparency: We shall deliver our duties and responsibilities openly and will give reasons for any administrative decision and action if required.
  • Accountability: We shall be responsible and answerable to the government and the public for our decisions and actions and submitting to whatever scrutiny appropriate to our offic
  • Responsiveness: We shall listen, be open, sensitive and respond timeously to our customers and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Integrity: We shall put the interests of our customers above our own and shall conduct ourselves in a manner that is above reproach.
  • Professionalism: We shall carry out our duties with high degree of expertise, skill and competence while maintaining high ethical standards.

Therefore, our core values are intended to guide our operations and define the way we serve our Customers. The values are founded on our in-depth knowledge of our working environment and the customers we serve.




The Malawi Energy Regulatory   Authority    offers the following services:                                                                                               

  1. Issue, renew, and revoke licences of our regulated services
  • Electricity generation, transmission, distribution, importation, exportation Licenses;
  • Electricity Installation Permit;
  • Renewable Energy Importation and Supply Permit;
  • Registration Certificates;
  • Renewable Energy Installation and Maintenance Permit;
  • Liquid Fuels and Gas Production License;
  • Liquid Fuels and Gas Importation License;
  • Liquid Fuels and Gas Transport License;
  • Liquid Fuels and Gas Storage License;
  • Liquid Fuels and Gas Wholesale License;
  • Liquid Fuels and Gas Retailing License;
  • Liquid Fuels and Gas Storage Registration Certificate;
  • Bulk Purchase Permit.
  1. Electricity Tariffs Setting and Reviewing;
  2. Review and approve Power Purchase agreement;
  3. Liquid Fuels and Gas Maximum Price setting;
  4. Liquid Fuels and Gas Margin Annual Review;
  5. Liquid Fuels and Gas Maximum Road Freight Rate Setting;
  6. Prescribe and collect fees, charges or rates and levies;
  7. Liquid Fuels and Gas Compensation of Allowable Importation Losses;
  8. Communication of outcomes of price review meeting;
  9. Information Sharing and Dissemination;
  10. Arbitrate commercial disputes;
  11. Enforcement of compliance by regulated entities;
  12. Resolution of complaints and disputes between suppliers and consumers of regulated services.



We commit ourselves to providing the highest standards of services.  In pursuance of excellence in public service delivery, we commit ourselves to seek new knowledgend best practices through wide consultations and partnership with our customers.



We will:

  • Be courteous to all our customers;
  • Identify ourselves by means of identity cards;
  • Answer telephone calls promptly by the third ring;
  • Attend to our customer(s) without inordinate delay after arriving in our offices;
  • Attend to scheduled meetings punctually and effectively and timely communicate to our customers in instances where scheduled meetings have been postponed or cancelled;
  • Respond to all written correspondence within five working days of receipt. If more time is needed to act on an issue, we commit to inform our customers on how long it will take to act on the issue;
  • Update our website fortnightly;
  • Publish results of energy prices review within 48 hours after the Board’s approval.


Standard/ Service time

Electricity generation License

Within thirty (30) working days

Electricity transmission License

Within thirty (30) working days

Electricity distribution License

Within thirty (30) working days

Electricity importation License

Within thirty (30) working days

Electricity exportation License

Within thirty (30) working days

Electricity Installation Permit;

Within ninety (90) working days

Renewable Energy Importation and Supply Permit;

Within (ninety) 90 working days

Registration Certificates;

Within fourteen (14) days

Renewable Energy Installation and Maintenance Permit

Within (ninety) 90 working days

Liquid Fuels and Gas Production License

Within thirty (30) working days

Liquid Fuels and Gas Importation License;

Within thirty (30) working days

Liquid Fuels and Gas Transport License

Within thirty (30) working days

Liquid Fuels and Gas Storage License

Within thirty (30) working days

Liquid Fuels and Gas Wholesale License;

Within thirty (30) working days

Liquid Fuels and Gas Retailing License

Within thirty (30) working days

Liquid Fuels and Gas Storage Registration Certificate

Within fourteen (14) days

Bulk Purchase Permit

Within 48 hours

Levies Remittance

Seven (7) Days




  • Providers of regulated services;
  • Consumers /users of energy regulated services;
  • Investors;
  • Civil Society;
  • The Media;
  • Academia and Research Institutions;
  • MERA Service providers
  • Development Partners;
  • The general public;
  • Government Ministries Departments and Agencies


Our customers’ rights and obligations

Our customers are entitled to

  • Access service in the most cost-effective way;
  • Quality service from the service officer;
  • Access public information that best meets their distinct needs;
  • Be treated with respect and courtesy;
  • Register complaints with the Department’s supervisor incase services provided by the Department are not satisfactory;
  • Right to redress.



  • In a bid to provide better services to our customers, the customers are expected to meet some obligation as follows:

Our customers shall: -

  • Treat our offices with respect and courtesy;
  • Use the information provided for intended purposes only;
  • Treat all information personal in nature as confidential;
  • Abide to legal requirements in order to be eligible for accessing the services sought;
  • Provide complete, timely, and accurate information in respect of the services needed from the Authority;
  • Not to offer gifts, bribes, favours and inducements to MERA staff;
  • Attend to scheduled meetings punctually;
  • Respond to request for information accurately and in a timely manner;
  • Contribute in identifying areas that need reforms in MERA and participate in arriving at solutions or recommendations to improve service delivery;
  • Report corrupt practices of our officers to either the Anti-Corruption Bureau or the nearest Police Unit or Station;
  • Pay regulatory levies and fees on time;
  • Provide feedback on our services.



  • Our offices are open from 7.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon and 13.00hrs to 16. 30. from Mondays to Fridays except on Public Holidays.
  • We are closed for lunch from 12.00hrs to 13.00hrs.



  • To help us continuously improve services, we encourage our customers to lodge complaints and advance suggestions, as well as compliments. We shall acknowledge receipt of feedback and undertake measures to redress the situation.
  • Feedback should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of MERA  at following address: -

The Chief Executive Officer

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority

2nd Floor Development House, City Centre

Private Bag B-496



Phone: +265 (0) 1 774 103/135/+265 (0) 1 775 810

Fax: +265 (0) 1 772 666

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This Service Charter will continue to evolve as our mandated functions and customers expectations change.